How Make Money On Automation

Not everyone has that amount of time to waste hours and hours online only to earn a few pennies. We have families, friends, jobs, school and a number of responsibilities we need to tend to daily and all the promises of
future cash payments is not enough to keep anyone’s interest for long.

We don’t have the time to waste hours online just to earn pennies and not get paid until some crazy set price that will take most folks years to earn! Many of these programs already know that the only real way to make any
real money on these programs is by either selling a product or service or through referrals.

So they offer you dollars for referrals and pennies for clicks! And all the while you still have made enough to cover a bill.

Many times it can be just as difficult to get referrals to these programs and you spend even more hours promoting to people, who are just not interested in what you have to offer.


Millionaire Empire understands this hardship and that is why we created a way for all our members to earn cash towards their goals by making money on total automation.

Whenever a new member joins the Millionaires Empire CrowdFunding Network without an invitation, they are automatically placed in one of our members Empire(downline). These members are chosen randomly so it make take time for you to see your downline grow.

Especially as our membership grows, but you can rest assured that we are working day and night not only to grow your team, but to grow the team of the members right under you! This gives you a way to make money with the Empire on total automation!

Making you money while you sleep has never been easier!

If you choose to build your Empire at a faster rate just share your affiliate ID everywhere from social media, classifieds, forums and groups.

Sit back and watch the cash roll in!

While you sleep, while you dream, while you live Millionaires Empire will be depositing cash directly into your PayPal account in no time!

Either way you use the website is up to you, but recruiting members is not mandatory. What is mandatory is the $10 registration fee. Why? Because that is how our members earn cash for their Crowd-Funding goals. 80% of that fee goes to one of our randomly picked members and you become a member of their team. You see your not just paying a membership fee, your giving the gift of love to one of our members by supporting their dreams.